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At Project Ten, our web designs are crafted to create visually appealing pages which maintain the company’s brand and invite more interest in its products and services. We brainstorm the big ideas, looking into how best to achieve the company’s goals, as well as deal with the small details of what goes where and in what colour. At Project Ten, we love to design websites and want them to look as good as possible.

We pride ourselves on designing websites which match each business’ specific brand and audience. We work for a range of clients, be it high-end luxury retailers or smaller boutique businesses. From colour coding to content, we take enormous care to provide the right services for each business. Project Ten always asks each client what purpose they want served by their website.

Our business has expanded rapidly over the last five years. We have now expanded beyond our core base in the South East to the South West, East Anglia and Wales. We relish in the opportunity to work for companies in all locations and of all shapes and sizes from large corporations to boutique high-street shops. We provide the right art for the website, ensuring the visual display matches the high-quality content.

Project Ten always aims for the highest client satisfaction. We listen to feedback about our suggestions for their websites and enjoy working with the client to ensure our vision matches their exciting brand. Our team’s background in art and web design mean we have the experience and knowledge to offer the best service possible to any company looking to affirm an established online presence.

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